Idaho - Defensive Driving Course for Points Reduction (Online)

This course is approved by the state of Idaho for a 3 point reduction. It is a 6 hour course. You may log in and out completing the course in many sessions or in one long session. Work at your own pace and convenience.

NOTICE!!! You will receive a download link in the email that you provide. Save the downloaded document, it is the only way to log back into the course once you log out.

IMPORTANT!!! Be sure to save the downloaded document until you have completed the course!!! If you are working from a public computer you can simply save the download email and download the document with the access link into the login page to begin each session.

Idaho - Defensive Driving Course for Points Reduction (Online)
  • Item #: DDC- Idaho Point Reduction
  • Manufacturer: Total Safety Consultants, LLC.
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Price $60.00